Chateau® Herbicide

  • Long-lasting: provides residual control of preemergent weeds
  • Stays where you put it: won’t leach or volatilize
  • Controls tough weeds

Chateau Herbicide. Take Control. Keep Control.

With the residual power of Chateau Herbicide, weeds won’t be coming back. That’s because Chateau works below the surface to control weeds before they emerge. It keeps tough weeds including dandelion, ragweed and pigweeds out of your fields all season long. Get the tough preemergent control you need every season with Chateau.

Chateau contains flumioxazin, a powerful long-lasting preemergence herbicide. A PPO inhibitor, Chateau’s mode of action is different than many other commonly used herbicides; therefore, it helps fight resistance, while providing long-lasting control of tough weeds.

Download Label/SDS Download Label/SDS for Chateau Herbicide.
- Key crops/pests


  • dry bulb onions
  • potato
  • pome fruit   (apple and pear)
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • highbush blueberries
  • stone fruit (peach cherries nectarines plums apricots)
  • asparagus
  • bare ground


  • dandelion
  • common lambsquarters
  • redroot pigweed
  • green pigweed
  • common ragweed
  • green foxtail
  • hairy nightshade
  • eastern black nightshade

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