Distance® Insect Growth Regulator

  • Breaks the insect life cycle
  • Translaminar control
  • New class of chemistry manages resistance

Distance Insect Growth Regulator. Break the life cycle of whiteflies.

For long-term results, an insect control program should do more than attack the adults—it should break the life cycle. Distance Insect Growth Regulator controls whitefly by preventing eggs, larvae and pupae from maturing into breeding adults. Its unique, targeted mode of action makes Distance Insect Growth Regulator a natural for integrated pest management (IPM) or insect resistance management (IRM) programs. For greenhouse ornamentals, as well as greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, use Distance to control silverleaf whitefly, sweet potato whitefly and greenhouse whitefly.

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Product Used On

  • greenhouse ornamentals
  • greenhouse tomatoes
  • greenhouse peppers
  • greenhouse cucumbers


  • whiteflies

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