NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide

  • Leading edge management tool against key seed/seedling insects
  • Lock Tight™ Technology for unmatched protection

Smarter Seed Protection™

NipsIt INSIDE Insecticide provides protection against key insects to help growers maximize stand, yield and plant health in canola or sorghum. Its state-of-the-art formulation means excellent handling and performance, along with a greater return on investment. Plus, with Valent's Lock Tight™ Technology, each seed gets coated and the protection stays put to ensure maximum performance in the field and unmatched protection of the grower's single most important input—the seed.

Download Label/SDS Download Label/SDS for NipsIt INSIDE Insecticide.
- Key crops/pests


  • potato
  • canola


  • aphid
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • flea beetle
  • potato leafhopper
  • wireworm

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