VectoBac® 600L Biological Insecticide

  • Effectively controls fungus gnat larvae
  • Easy to use

VectoBac 600L Biological Larvicide. Fungus gnat larvae don’t stand a chance.

VectoBac 600L is a highly selective, biological larvicide for use in greenhouses to control fungus gnat larvae. It may be used on a wide variety of ornamentals, as well as bedding plants and vegetable sets. Once the larvae have ingested VectoBac, they become paralyzed, stop feeding immediately and die—usually within 24 hours.

Download Label/SDS Download Label/SDS for VectoBac 600L Biological Insecticide.
- Key use/pests

Product Used On

  • greenhouse vegetables
  • greenhouse herbal bedding plants
  • greenhouse ornamental plantings


  • fungus gnat larvae

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